FX Medicine LIVE with Dr Denise Furness at the 6th BioCeuticals Research Symposium 2018

Dr. Denise Furness talks to Andrew Whitfield-Cook at the 6th BioCeuticals Research Symposium in Melbourne on the FX Medicine LIVE stage. In this interview, they discuss the clinical relevance of knowing your detoxification genetics as well as the legal implications of uncovering these genetics.

FX Medicine - Clinical opportunities with genetic testing

Personalised medicine is in high demand and more and more people are turning to genetic testing to better understand the nuances of their individualised health care. As a foremost expert in genetics, particularly nutrigenomics, Dr. Denise Furness is in high demand as an educator to both clinicians, researchers and consumers on this growing area of healthcare.

SEN Radio Melbourne

Craig Harper and Mark Fine interview Dr. Denise Furness and discuss genetics and how they can affect overall health.

FX Medicine - How genes impact hormones

In today's podcast, we're joined by Dr Denise Furness who takes us through the relevant genomic factors affecting our hormones, the intimate interplay that our diet and lifestyle can have on our hormonal health, and how natural health practitioners can positively modify effects with judicious use of specific supplementation.

The Wellness Guys

Damian still in the trenches at the 5th Bio-Ceuticals Research Symposium has an amazing opportunity to chat with one of Australia’s leading fertility experts… in a seriously hilarious and exciting interview, Damian and Dr Denise Furness delve deep into the issues surrounding infertility, genetic influences of fertility and pregnancy outcomes and discuss where modern nutritional and medical science may be going wrong and where they are going right.

Queen of Lean

We all know that that in the beautiful complexities of the female body that women, in general, have a higher amount of hormonal issues to work through. One common hormonal change that we often work with is women who are going through Menopause. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get some insights from Dr Denise Furness explaining Menopause and most importantly practical ways you can reduce the hormonal impacts.

The SIBO Doctor

In this episode: Dr. Nirala Jacobi interviews Dr. Denise Furness, a molecular geneticist, registered nutritionist, and registered exercise professional. Today’s discussion centres around nutrigenomics, methylation, and digestive health.

FX Medicine - Promises and pitfalls of genetics

 Dr Denise Furness is a geneticist, as well as a qualified nutritionist and thus has the perfect blend of expertise to help practitioners navigate these new waters in a practical and safe way. Today, Dr Furness takes us through "Genetics 101", covering terminology, clinical relevance and shares some case studies of how she applies genetics in her clinical practice. This podcast will be the first in a series helping to demystify this area of medicine.


In this episode, we nut out the truth about your genes with Dr. Denise Furness, a scientist with a specific interest of nutrigenomics - that is how your diet, lifestyle, thoughts and environment influence the way your genes work. What does that really mean? You'll need to listen to find it all out.

Your Gut Feelings

The expanding research into the possible role of genes in many chronic illnesses has involved a lot of myth busting and revealing new truths. There is a dynamic interaction between our genes, which we inherit from our parents, and our environment. Nutritional intake and toxins are two major environmental factors that interact with our genes and may affect our health and wellness.

Heathly Lifestyle

Ed chats with Dr Denise Furness, a Molecular Geneticist, about personalising our diet to suit our DNA. 

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