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Research conducted on behalf of Ostelin has found more than half (57%) of females aged 35 - 44 years old have never considered their bone health, and at a national level, more than half of all Australian women (53.5%) have never had their vitamin D levels tested. Worryingly, over 70 percent (72%) of young females aged 18 - 34 years are unaware of the role vitamin D plays for their bodies. 

Better Homes and Gardens Magazine Australia

“Many young Australian's are not aware of the links between vitamin D and immune health, mental health, reducing risk of cancers and for optimal pregnancy outcomes and healthy newborns,” says Dr. Denise Furness, Molecular Geneticist, and Medical Researcher.

Better Homes and Gardens Magazine Australia

Dr. Denise Furness, Molecular Geneticist, and Medical Researcher, says that research has proved vitamin D to be essential in supporting calcium absorption and bone health. And low levels of vitamin D may increase the risk for osteoporosis and fractures later in life.


Ever felt like your body doesn't process certain foods very well? Or that, no matter how healthy you eat, you never seem to be able to shift the dial on the scales? Blame your DNA. According to an emerging field of medical science known as nutrigenomics, there are particular genetic traits we are predisposed to express.

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Maternal nutrient intake during pregnancy can affect foetal development and may also affect the baby's health later in life. Recognising this, health professionals recommend that women of childbearing age maintain higher levels of particular nutrients in order to best prepare for pregnancy.

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While cutting calories or developing an exercise regime can help you edge closer to your weight loss goals, a simple DNA test can also help. The official term for the field of research surrounding it is 'nutrigenomics', which looks at the genetic link between what we eat and our ability to lose weight as a result.

Fitness Australia

Acknowledgement: Fitness Australia would like to thank members of the expert reference group, Dianne Edmonds, Dr. Denise Furness and Lisa Westlake for their contribution to the development of this guideline.

Body & Soul

Have you ever wanted to know if your morning coffee is good for you or possibly doing you harm, if you are more suited to a do diet rich in carbs or fats, if your genes are making it harder for you to lose weight, or if you have a predisposition towards certain health conditions?

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Personalised nutrition and health has been hailed as the future of food and lifestyle health. The idea is that we can have our DNA and microbiome tested and end up with a diet and lifestyle plan tailored to our unique health profile and address anything from weight issues to gut health, pregnancy problems to chronic disease. 

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Dr. Denise Furness, a molecular geneticist whose clients largely consist of couples struggling to fall pregnant, specialises in the area of personalised medicine which sees her providing tailored treatments designed to optimise overall health to improve fertility in both men and women.


Folate plays a huge role in healthy pregnancy. Those who have issues metabolising folate may find themselves in a situation of infertility or recurrent miscarriage alongside an increased chance of chromosomal abnormalities, which may prompt investigation – you may already know you have issues with MTHFR.

The Pregnacy Centre

The Pregnancy Centre is pleased to announce Fitness Australia’s first Pre and Post-Natal Exercise Guidelines. Dianne Edmonds, together with Dr Denise Furness and Lisa Westlake has worked hard to contribute to the development of this new initiative. All health and fitness professionals across Australia will now be well equipped to provide individually tailored, effective and safe exercise programs for women who wish to commence or continue exercising during and after pregnancy. 


We’ve all experienced diet-related concerns at some point in our lives. Whether it be managing food allergies, want to shed some extra kilos, wondering why we didn’t get the results from a diet that we expected or just wanting to know whether our daily coffee is doing us any harm. What if knowing all of this, including our predisposition toward certain health conditions, was possible? Well, it is, and it’s called nutrigenomics.

Robinson Institute Annual Report 2010

The Robinson Institute Annual Report showcases the brilliant science and clinical work being undertaken by Robinson Institute members.

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Dr. Denise Furness, a Melbourne based specialist in Pregnancy and Nutritional Genomics, said that while Nutrigenomic testing was becoming more affordable, it was still beyond the reach of an average person across the region. And although the Nutrigenomic is expanding globally, there are not enough Medical Practitioners specialising in this area.

Pharmacy News

Pharmacists must be aware of pregnancy nutrient recommendations and the importance of supplementation during pregnancy, an expert believes. Dr Denise Furness, a molecular biologist and nutritionist, says it is vital for nutrient supplementation to continue throughout a pregnancy, not just during the first trimester.

Robinson Insitute

A diagnostic test is being developed by the Robinson Institute that will identify couples at high risk of pregnancy problems, helping to alleviate complications that occur in 20% of first pregnancies. The study sought couples planning to become pregnant, or those less than 12 weeks pregnant.

Nutrition making the genes fit in pregnancy

A new study conducted by the University of Adelaide and the CSIRO aims to better understand what effect the food CSIRO A new study conducted by the University of Adelaide and the eaten by pregnant women has on their genetic makeup and consequently the health of their babies. A PhD student with the University of Adelaide's Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Denise Furness, is conducting the study through CSIRO Human Nutrition.

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